Wednesday, 1 June 2016


               Some of the Fairthorpes at the 2014 Gathering at RAF Wyton

This years Fairthorpe Gathering will be on Sunday 7th August at RAF Twinwood Farm in Bedfordshire (MK41 6AB).  Twinwood Farm is probably best known as being the take off airfield for Glenn Miller`s fateful last flight which disappeared over the English Channel in December 1944, his disappearance remains an unsolved mystery to this day. The aerodrome control tower has been restored and is now the Glen Miller museum, Other buildings house different displays including:
Twinwood Aviation Museum - featuring uniforms and artefacts recovered from German and Allied aircraft crash sites, as well as British aviation units and life in Britain during the war.
Rooms of a 1940s family home
Axis Museum - recreation of a German bunker, Russian and German artillery and weapons, and a display about Winston Churchill and the British Royal Family
Fire Service Museum - recreated 1940s wartime fire station with uniforms, equipment and vehicles
Displays of military vehicles
Entry to the museums is £4 per person and visitors to the site are asked to pay for museum entry on arrival, tea, coffee and cakes / crisps are available to purchase, we will be bringing some of Sarah`s infamous Fairythorpe cakes  and some light refreshments. There will be the usual awards for the Best Fairthorpe as voted by those present and The furthest travelled Fairthorpe to the event. Usually 12-15 Fairthorpes attend the Gathering as well as a number of previous owners  All are welcome!
Twinwood museum website which has directions to the site can be found here:-
This Wiki page also gives a good history to the airfield and is worth a look :-
Hope to see as many Fairthorpes as possible, there are a number of cars returning to the road this year, trailered cars are of course also welcome...............Martin