Sunday, 29 December 2013

Picture of the week, Fairthorpe family get together.

This picture of the week was taken at Gerrards Cross this summer at a classic car event, Fairthorpes were produced in Gerrards Cross in the early 60`s. Pictured with 789 ERO and the Electron Minor of Bob Balding are AVM Bennett`s daughter Noreen with her daughter and her daughters three children. Her father gave Noreen the prototype EM as a 21st birthday present, which she promptly named `Mayfair`. Noreen was a pretty handy driver, doing a number of races and speed events in all types of Fairthorpe including the large engined Zeta, she still retains a keen interest in the cars to this day.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

SOLD Fairthorpe EM project for sale SOLD

Derek Evans is reluctantly parting with his Fairthorpe Electron Minor project, much work has been done but there is still plenty to do to return this 1960 Mk2 to the road. The chassis has been refurbished with new sections welded in where necessary and the independant rear suspension has all been done as have the rear brakes with new wheel cylinders and shoes.
                                    refurbed chassis pictured upside down.

The diff is with the car but needs some new seals in it and there is also a prop shaft and Herald gearbox but no engine or shock absorbers/springs. The body work needs quite a lot of work but it is all there and it has it`s windscreen and frame. There is a set of rebushed Triumph front wishbones but no vertical  links or callipers (these are Herald/Spitfire items).
                             Rear of chassis, no shock absorbers hence the wood supports.

Other parts included are a homemade fuel tank with sender and a hard top. The car has a chassis plate and reg number but no current log book so this would need applying for through the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club by the new owner.
The project is priced at £1000, for more information contact Derek directly at:-

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fairthorpe script badges now available.

               Fairthorpe script badges old and new modelled on Paul Wells Fairthorpe.

I am pleased to announce that Fairthorpe script badges are now available, these are copies of the original ones supplied by Fairthorpe, many thanks to FSCC club member Paul Wells for taking the time to produce these new ones. They are cast in Pewter and then polished and can be curved to fit on the boot lid of your car. These are available through the Fairthorpe Sports Car Cub at a cost of £30 which includes UK postage, to order one drop me an email at