Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fairthorpe Zeta blog now online.

As you may have read a couple of posts below i have been very busy over the past seven months rebuilding 777 PPD the Fairthorpe Zeta built in 1960 by Bob Linwood, i have now started another blog to run alongside this one which is aimed at everything Zeta including an insight into how this exciting car came to be reborn. You can find the blog at

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fairthorpe EM1 project for sale. NOW SOLD


David Martin is reluctantly having to part with the Electron Minor he bought last year due to unforseen personal circumstances so here is your chance to buy a very good project MK1 Electron Minor which is Standard 10 based. The car has been restored to a rolling chassis stage with engine and gearbox done also. The bodyshell etc is all there but needs fitting and the restoration completing, this is comparatively a quick resto job as a lot of the graft and expense has been done. Much money has been spent on among other things a new set of Dampertech adjustable shock absorbers with springs ( cost £460 ), all new braking system and cylinders, ball joints, trunnions etc. The engine is a 948cc Standard 10/ Triumph with twin SU carbs and has had a new water pump and timing chain fitted. The car comes with a period Smiths heater, original Fairthorpe bonnet badge and a good hood. David tells me that the body work is not bad, the car has the electron style nose, the interior trim is all there but only good for patterns now and a new pair of original style Fairthorpe seats but made from fibreglass as the original tin ones have rotted badly. There is no logbook with the car but he has the original chassis plate, number plates and an old tax disc.
You can see pictures now on
You can sign in using the word DGBOUCHER and use the word ELECTRON as the password (all upper case). David is looking for £3250 ono which i think is not bad as a car needing full restoration sold at auction recently for £2200 ( see an earlier post).
 He can be contacted on 07764942446 for more info or to view, the car is in Amersham Bucks.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Silverstone surprise...................

You may have noticed a drop off in the blog posts these last couple of months, there is a reason for that as I can now reveal! I have been working flat out on a new project that has been stored for thirty-odd years in the darkest depths of a packed garage, it was pulled from its slumber late last year and transported to the workshop in our back garden for some long-awaited attention.  The car in question was built during the winter of 1959/60 by Bob Linwood which will tell any real Fairthorpe aficionado that i am talking about a very special car - 777 PPD - the best known of the handful of Fairthorpe Zetas that were built by the AVM`s company. The rebuild has been kept a close secret from all but close family and it was Bob himself who provided details such as the paint and trim colours, as well as copies of all his notes on the car. It came as a complete surprise to those club members present when it turned up on the stand at the Silverstone Classic with a car cover over it to disguise its identity.

The Zeta was the top of the range model which used Fairthorpe modified TR3 suspension and axle and mostly the Ford Zephyr straight 6 engine, although one was fitted with the TR3 engine and gearbox. Bob`s Zephyr engine was fitted with the optional Raymond Mays alloy cylinder head and six Amal motorbike carbs, but later had triple Weber 40 DCOEs added in their place. Ok, cut the waffle and show us the pics i hear, so here are a couple to get you going!

I will be starting a new blog to document the rebuild done on the Zeta, which i will link to from here in the next few days so keep checking back. For those wishing to see the car in the flesh it will be at the Fairthorpe Gathering on the 5th August at Stondon Motor museum
 (see below for details).............Martin

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fairthorpe Gathering August 5th 2012.

This years Fairthorpe Gathering is on the 5th August at the Stondon Motor Museum in Lower Stondon , Bedfordshire, post code SG16 6JN.

Entry to the event is FREE as usual, and for those who wish to take a look round the museum we have negotiated a discounted price of £5 which includes a complimentary tea/coffee in the large cafeteria, i have vouchers that will be issued to people attending. We will be supplying some light refreshment and some of Sarah`s Fairythorpe cakes for those with a sweet tooth! There will be a designated Fairthorpe parking area but anyone else wishing to attend will be more than welcome. As usual there will be trophies presented for the best Fairthorpe as voted by those present on the day and also for the furthest travelled Fairthorpe to the event. The museum website can be found at and it has information and directions to the museum. This incredibly diverse collection of vehicles is housed across eight halls. The vehicles cover motor transport across the 20th Century (1900 to 1990's). Examples Include: Ford Pilots; police vehicles; AA and RAC Motorcycles; 6 Rolls Royces, including the owners favourite Cornishe; buses: fire engines; military vehicles and a huge collection of Motorbikes - Scott, Vincent, Greeves, ABC, Triumph's, BSA's etc plus a couple of small aircraft. The museum also has a full size replica of the Captain Cooks HM Barque Endeavour which you can enter and explore .........avast there shipmate!

The turnout for this event usually numbers 14/15 Fairthorpes and several not seen at the event before are attending this year so make sure you come along and join in. Here are the videos made at the last two events:-
 we will be there from 9.30am onwards. Hope to see you at this years gathering, i can be contacted on 01604 859987 if you want more information.............

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Electron Minor project on ebay

Two Fairthorpes on ebay at once, when did that last happen! The second car is a rebuild project which looks like it is wearing Jacobs coat of many colours, it is an Electron Minor mk1, not an Electron despite the mention of a Climax. If you fancy a bid you can find it at

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fairthorpe Electron Minor for sale (car now sold)

Fairthorpe club member Terry Armson sadly passed away last month, some of you may have met him at last years Fairthorpe Gathering at Donington, he came along in his Fairthorpe EM2.
His car is now being advertised and can be found on ebay at
The Fairthorpe has a new 12 month MOT is tax free and comes with a good hood and sidescreens, it has been hand painted but it has been done quite well. For those that would rather not get into a bidding war on ebay Terrys son Adrian who is dealing with the sale can be contacted directly on for more information or a possible outright sale price.