Friday, 20 March 2015

Fairthorpes............lets have a look at the interior.

Steve Colling`s EM 2, note the extra pedal assembly on the passenger side
(dual control conversion Steve?)
Richard Holden`s EM 1
I get lots of people asking about the interior of the cars when they are undertaking a restoration so I thought I would post some pictures to inspire those of you that are in rebuild mode! Back in the 70`s when most Fairthorpes were clinging to existence and held together with tape and woodscrews the interiors usually consisted of a worn out pair of used seats from something else, no door panels (the original compressed card ones having got wet and rotted away) and usually no carpet, if there was some left it was usually rotten and smelly!  There were one or two exceptions, but nowadays nothing could be further from the truth, many owners are taking a lot of pride in their Fairthorpes and some have really pushed the boat out in the effort to make their cars more liveable.

Martin Green`s EM 1

Hopefully you will enjoy these few, if you have a nice picture of the interior of your Fairthorpe email me a picture and I will post it up.

                                                                 Alberto Sassi`s EM 1

                                                                   Chris Goss`s EM 1

                                                                       Bob Balding`s EM 1

                                                                           My EM 1

                                                                  Barry Stock`s EM 5

American Fairthorpe restoration under way.

Ralph Jannelli is busy restoring an early Fairthorpe Electron Minor in America, he kindly sent me a couple of pictures of the car which has the early curved top doors and Triangular grille opening as per my own 789 ERO. The shots were taken of the car arriving from Connecticut to his North Carolina home and then in his garage next to his 78 Triumph Spitfire. The Fairthorpe looks very high at the front as the bodyshell is just resting on the chassis and there is no engine in it. A couple of days work Ralph and I would have that Spitfire engine sitting neatly in the Fairthorpe!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fairthorpe Speedo for sale New Old Stock

Amongst my Fairthorpe spares I have this New Old Stock 90 MPH speedo, it has never been fitted to a car so has 0 miles on it. Price is £50 plus postage and packing, I will send it anywhere in the world.