Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fairthorpes to France, Le Mans or bust!

Two Fairthorpes recently made a trip down to the Sarthe region of France to take in the 2014 edition of the Le Mans Classic. Andy Winston`s Electron plus 789 along with two Turners and a Rochdale crossed from Portsmouth to Cherbourg on the Wednesday morning and then embarked on the drive through the French countryside down to the Campsite at La Fleche which is 20 mins south of the circuit at Le Mans. On boarding the Ferry I was approached by one of the French Stewardesses who looked round 789 and told me that in her opinion it was the nicest car on the boat! This was high praise indeed as there were all sorts of classics on the crossing from E-Types to Mustangs and Healeys etc. Thursday was a free day so I decided to drive to the circuit and take the Fairthorpe round those parts of the circuit which are still public roads, the pictures you see here were taken at different points around the track.



It was a great experience driving the car down for the event and the French roads were a delight to use with  much less traffic as well as being much nicer to drive on due to the lack of pot holes and bad repairs. Looking forward to two years time when the event is run again, as Arnie once said "I`ll be back!".....................