Friday, 19 June 2015

SOLD Historic Race Fairthorpe For Sale SOLD

Clive Randall is reluctantly parting with his race prepared Fairthorpe EM and it is up for bidding on Ebay

This car has a continuous competition history thru out it`s life and has had a lot of money spent in the last three years to make it as good as you can get mechanically. This car would be an ideal starter HSCC Road sports championship race car and is eligible for several other Historic / Classic racing series

Clive can be contacted directly on 01569 740411 or at

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mark Kemp, long time Fairthorpe competitor, has passed away.

Sadly long time Fairthorpe owner and F.S.C.C club member Mark Kemp has passed away following a long illness. Mark first Joined the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club in 1976 and used a succession of Fairthorpes in Auto tests, Production Car trials and Autocross events with many class wins and a number of FTD`s (Fastest time of the day) to his credit. His first Fairthorpe became know as Noddy after someone said it looked like a Noddy car, this was followed by Mr Plod (spot the theme here) and finally during that period Super Nod which sported a tuned 1600 Ford engine. During a conversation with him last year he talked fondly about a number of the events he had done in the cars, he even rolled Super Nod into a ditch during one Autocross event but went out on his next run and set FTD with the battered Fairthorpe! Following a house move the Fairthorpes were gradually sold off in the 80`s but these cars get under your skin and Mark was not yet finished with Fairthorpes, in 2010 he bought another EM, SOO 121 from long term owner Tom Fraser. This was re fettled, re sprayed and modified to compete in a few Production car Trials with his long time friend Club Chairman Derek Bentley, the result being a class win despite Mark`s failing health. Those who knew him will remember his infectious sense of humour and he will be sadly missed.
Marks funeral will take place at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Crawley at 1.00 pm on Thursday 11th June. Any Club members who want to attend would be more than welcome.

Derek Bentley (driving) and Mark leaving the 2010 Fairthorpe Gathering in SOO 121

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sliding sidescreens for your Fairthorpe? Here is Anthony`s answer.

Anthony Padgett has modified a pair of Frogeye Sprite side screens which he purchased for £70 off Ebay and has got them to be a useable fit to his EM, these side screens have sliding windows in them. He has made an adapter from wood and covered it in black vinyl, the adapters bolt on using the original Fairthorpe mounting points on the outside of the door and there is also a bracket hanging down on the inside of the door. The side screens slide onto two large screws fixed into the adapters and the screens then fit on the inside of the hood. Anthony says `The flap on the hood at the back of the side screens can be fixed to the screens with a large bulldog clip to prevent flapping` although he admitted this was a `bit Heath Robinson` also the `ensemble is untested and designed for use only when wet and for security in parking the car outside when away`.
The screens are slightly too short in length so some more thought may be needed to make them a water tight fit but they keep the worst of the weather out.
Well done to Anthony for making use and modifying in true Fairthorpe owner tradition.

                                                inside of screen and support underside     

                                                           support bolted onto door

                                                        screen slid onto support bolts

                                        Fairthorpe with Frogeye Screens fitted