Tuesday, 16 November 2010

TX Tripper sold!

While surfing the net one evening I stumbled upon an ad for a Technical Exponents (TX) Tripper, cousin to the Fairthorpe. She had been sat disassembled in a lock up for the better part of 30 years. Following a telephone conversation with the owner, during which I discovered the car was way up in Carlisle, we made arrangements to collect the car the next weekend.

After a long five hour journey to the borders of Scotland, we opened a garage door to reveal a rolling chassis surrounded by parts and the car's body suspended above from the ceiling with an inch of dust on it. It took three hours for Sarah and I to put her back together sufficiently to wheel her up onto our trailer.

Anyway she's in traditional 1970s Ford Apollo metallic green (the Tripper not the wife) although her original colour was orange. I have decided to sell her as i am concentrating on the original 50`s and 60`s Fairthorpes.

So, here's the specs:

  • first registered in April 1973
  • comes with Triumph 6-cylinder 1600 engine and a 2000cc engine (seized)
  • solid chassis, no welding required
  • comes with tonneu cover and a hood, but the hood is very tatty and only useful as a pattern for a new one
  • glass fibre body is in generally good condition, has some crazing around one of the rear wheel arches caused by the rope when it was suspended
  • part stainless exhaust system
  • comes with V5 logbook
  • has its sidescreen frames and the uniquely-shaped rollbar
The car has a few negative points:

  • it is missing one seat
  • the rear suspension leaf spring clamping plate is missing (available from any Triumph breaker)
  • carbs are missing from the 1600 engine
  • one rear light unit missing
In summary, this is a rare opportunity to buy a slice of seventies motoring history.

Has to be a bargain at £650 and i can deliver for the cost of my petrol. Price includes a seventies wig and mustache!
Car is now sold.