Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Brian`s Fairthorpe, coming to an event near you?

Fairthorpe owner Brian Jackson has been putting a few miles on his car this year already as he has taken the car to a number of events in the last few weeks. Brian`s Electron Minor is fairly rapid as he fitted a Triumph Dolomite Sprint engine a number of years ago and he used it for Sprints, Hill climbs and Autotests for many years with great success. He kindly sent me a couple of pictures taken in the past few weeks, the one at the top of the page was taken Outside Coventry Transport museum at their breakfast club on 9 April. They hold these each month from 9:00 till 11:00. Just park up, have a coffee at Esquires, & look around the museum. The one below was taken at Prescott Hill climb at the Rotary club day on 15 May.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Fairthorpe for restoration on Ebay, good restoration project, would make ideal Historic race car

The car is well known in the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club being owned by a long time club member who is now unfortunately in ill health so has reluctantly decided to part with the car. The owner used the car in Autotests and similar events back in the 80`s as well as daily transport.

The Fairthorpe was parked up on his drive many years ago under a tarp and has not been moved since so will need a full strip down and restoration. These cars are as simple as they come to work on and make great starter classics, the body doesn`t rot as it`s fibreglass and the ladder frame chassis is easy to repair once the bolt on bodyshell is removed. This Electron Minor is an ideal basis for a Historic race car and is eligible for a number of different championships.

The club holds all the moulds for this mark of EM and all the mechanical parts are available through the usual suppliers or on Ebay. Here is a link to the excellent Fairthorpe club

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A New Year- A New colour, This Fairthorpe turns Red.

Some of you will remember the electric blue EM i had a couple of years ago, it was registered HSV 270, after I sold the Fairthorpe it passed through a couple of owners before being bought by current owner Ray Starkey. Ray has done a lot to the car since purchasing it including fitting disc brakes to the front of the car, over the last six months the bodywork crazing has been sorted out and the car is  in the finishing phase of a respray and a change of colour to Red.

Previous to the Blue the car was Green, over the years a number of Fairthorpes have gone through a coat of many colours, it is interesting stripping the paint back to reveal what has gone before.

Ray say`s `The car was originally red gel. Paul and Darren at Brackmills Body Repair have done a fantastic job on the body and matching the original colour`

Ray has now completed the rebuild and has got the Fairthorpe back on the road, nice job Ray...........

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Early American Fairthorpe restoration nears completion.

Ralph Jannelli has posted a walk around  video on Youtube of his Fairthorpe EM restoration, the car is now nearing completion with the first engine run due in the next couple of weeks, the seats are now away being retrimmed in Tan. The choice on colour has been made and the bulkhead has been painted British Racing Green in the engine bay area so that the engine doesn`t have to come out again once the main bodyshell is painted. Hopefully Ralph will post some more pictures once the car is painted up and finished. The video can be found at:-