Saturday, 28 July 2018

Original builder ready for the road again with his 1958 Electron Minor.

Barrie Pattinson bought his Fairthorpe Electron Minor kit in May 1958 as you will see from the invoices, It was first registered in August 1958, Barrie still owns it to this day and his son Ed has rebuilt the car to the look as it did when it first was on the road. (the original bonnet was the triangular mouth which they still have but it is in poor shape.)
He drove it from 1958 to 1968 when he put it into a small, black, corrugated tin sheet shed where it remained till December 1998. The shed is 15 yards below Barrie`s lorry workshop in Leigh, Staffordshire where it was built originally. It was removed from the shed because local children from the village of Leigh were breaking in to play in the car.
Slowly (Really very slowly, because other matters have taken priority) Ed has worked on the car to bring it back to the state you see it in now.

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