Friday, 15 May 2015

Fairthorpe EM racer For Sale

Patrice Wattine is selling one of his Fairthorpes, this car was rebuilt from the ground up by him and has been raced in several events including a round of the HSCC Road Sports Championship. The car is in France and the advert for it can be found here:-

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fairthorpes............lets have a look at the interior.

Steve Colling`s EM 2, note the extra pedal assembly on the passenger side
(dual control conversion Steve?)
Richard Holden`s EM 1
I get lots of people asking about the interior of the cars when they are undertaking a restoration so I thought I would post some pictures to inspire those of you that are in rebuild mode! Back in the 70`s when most Fairthorpes were clinging to existence and held together with tape and woodscrews the interiors usually consisted of a worn out pair of used seats from something else, no door panels (the original compressed card ones having got wet and rotted away) and usually no carpet, if there was some left it was usually rotten and smelly!  There were one or two exceptions, but nowadays nothing could be further from the truth, many owners are taking a lot of pride in their Fairthorpes and some have really pushed the boat out in the effort to make their cars more liveable.

Martin Green`s EM 1

Hopefully you will enjoy these few, if you have a nice picture of the interior of your Fairthorpe email me a picture and I will post it up.

                                                                 Alberto Sassi`s EM 1

                                                                   Chris Goss`s EM 1

                                                                       Bob Balding`s EM 1

                                                                           My EM 1

                                                                  Barry Stock`s EM 5

American Fairthorpe restoration under way.

Ralph Jannelli is busy restoring an early Fairthorpe Electron Minor in America, he kindly sent me a couple of pictures of the car which has the early curved top doors and Triangular grille opening as per my own 789 ERO. The shots were taken of the car arriving from Connecticut to his North Carolina home and then in his garage next to his 78 Triumph Spitfire. The Fairthorpe looks very high at the front as the bodyshell is just resting on the chassis and there is no engine in it. A couple of days work Ralph and I would have that Spitfire engine sitting neatly in the Fairthorpe!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fairthorpe Speedo for sale New Old Stock

Amongst my Fairthorpe spares I have this New Old Stock 90 MPH speedo, it has never been fitted to a car so has 0 miles on it. Price is £50 plus postage and packing, I will send it anywhere in the world.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

The many coats of Frank the Fairthorpe.

These pictures are of the Fairthorpe who was given the name Frank by previous owner Denise Howe, the picture above shows the car newly built by it`s original owner, the car was painted in Old English white, the picture below shows Denise picking the car up after she purchased it in the late 80`s.  
The colour had been changed to red by the time Dave Pugh bought it in 1997 and when he rebuilt the car it was decided to change it again to Brooklands Green, the EM was re trimmed and had a new hood, then Dave and his new wife took the car on their Honeymoon to the Cotswolds.

The registration number was unfortunately later sold to pay for a set of wire wheels for the car, the replacement number allocated was CSL 674.
Frank was purchased by Bob Balding several years ago, many of you will have seen the car as Bob participates in a number of club events each year with Frank, the Fairthorpe is a good advert for the club being in good condition and very eye catching, Frank has been featured several times on this blog and can be found if you search back to previous posts.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fairthorpe EM reg number NWG 10 information and history request.

Fairthorpe owner Frank Law is looking for information and history to his car NWG 10 which he rescued from a Scrap dealer in 1987/88. It had apparently been stored in a lock up for many years with the cylinder head removed before being taken to the breakers. There is no paperwork with the car but from the chassis number I can see that the car was supplied by Fairthorpe on the 1st June 1959 with a 948cc Standard 10 Engine, it was supplied to AMCO, possibly that is the name of a dealer? If anyone has more information for Frank he can be contacted at

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fairthorpe stars on Youtube..........

Fairthorpe owner Anthony Padgett has made a neat video of his Fairthorpe accompanied by Booker T and the MGs, give it a watch:-

Anthony recently bought the car from Paul Wells, several posts on this well known Fairthorpe can be found on this website, the car having been originally built by long time FSCC club member Willie Simpson.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Fairthorpe Electron Minor FOR SALE


This Fairthorpe has some competition history having been raced at Silverstone with a Lotus Twin Cam engine, it was modified in the late 80`s and the 948cc Standard 10 engine was replaced with the Lotus unit.

 The car was subsequently fitted with a 1600cc Ford x-flow engine with twin 40 DCOE carbs, to keep it fast but useable for the road, the gearbox is a Ford 2000E. The axle is a Ford Escort unit which takes the Ford power and it has a nice ratio to give good acceleration and cruising speed,  it also has alloy front hubs with Ford stud pattern and all the wheels are Ford. The first two pictures were taken after it was rebuilt for road use with the Ford engine, please note the car no longer has the number that is in the second picture it is now registered SVS 464.

The Fairthope had a fresh bonnet and boot lid at the same time as well as a new Hardtop, it is also fitted with racing type 3 point harnesses, Roll bar, electric fuel pump, bucket seats as well as a heater, there is also an alloy fuel tank fitted. The Fairthorpe has only had minor use in the last 10 years and is painted in British Racing Green with a White stripe, it can be viewed in Kent, for more details and sensible offers contact Robert on 07877745167

Friday, 16 January 2015

789 ERO Le Mans Walk around


789 ERO ....... 2014 in pictures.

 Last year saw me attending lots of events in 789 ERO including the Le Mans Classic, the Kop Hill Climb, Morgan Sports Car Club AutoSolo and various Classic car events. Whilst it is cold and dull outside now maybe a few pictures of the Fairthorpe in the sun will help turn your mind to the spring and the warmer brighter weather to come (hopefully!)
Taken outside the campsite at La Fleche near Le Mans

Parked on the inside of Mulsanne Corner, Le Mans Classic Weekend

Harrow Car Club Concours, Chipperfield Common, Herts.

Car and driver at the Silverstone Classic 2014

Kop Hill Climb Waiting for the flag to drop....

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sunday, 30 November 2014

John Grist Fairthorpe racer has passed away

I have received notification from Simon Grist that his father John has sadly passed away at the age of 80 following a short illness.
John first raced a Lancia Fulvia in the Classic & Sportscar Novice championship 1987  which resulted in 2 Class wins.
He then moved on to a Fairthorpe EM1 registered 589 DUP in the 1988 Road Sports championship, results included 3 class wins against the current championship winning Fairthorpe in 1989.

John raced until 1993 including FIA events at Brands, Zolder, Zandvoort, Dijon and Montlery.
His funeral will take place on December the 8th at Thorverton in Devon, if you require the full funeral details please contact me through this blog site.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Picture of the week: A Sprightly Fairthorpe from the past.

A recent email from Chris Marriott was interesting in several respects, firstly Chris lives only 15 minuets from where I am typing this and also that he owned two Fairthorpes in the late 60`s to early 70`s. The first EM was registered 442 WPP, according to Chris it had a tuned A H Sprite 998cc engine with an alloy aquaplane head and aluminium flywheel. Unfortunately the car was written off in an accident so a second EM was bought to replace it. Both cars had the early short Mk1 bonnet with the curved `mouth` although Chris cannot remember the number of the second EM, this one had a 948cc Standard  Ten engine which was then replaced with the Sprite engine from his original car. Chris still holds a soft spot for the cars and is hoping to meet up with some of us in the New Year.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Picture of the week, Fairthorpe and Fairtravel.

This picture was used by Fairthorpe in some of their adverts in the mid 60`s, it was taken in the field adjacent to the Fairthorpe works at Denham and shows the then new EM 111 parked in front of another of AVM Don Bennetts creations. This
Fairtravel Linnett aircraft was built in 1965 and happily is still airworthy, it was one of three produced. The Linnet was licence built by the another of the AVM`s companies Fairtravel and it was in essence a slightly modified Piel Emeraude, here is a link to a current image of this Linnet.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Fairthorpe Pathfinder V8 for sale on Ebay

Martin Souster has decided to part with his Fairthorpe Pathfinder V8 and the car is currently for sale on Ebay
This is a LOT of performance for the money with a Rover V8 engine and 5 speed gearbox fitted. It would benefit from a respray but has a current MOT and tax so would make a great project or use as is.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Fairthorpe EM racer reappears in Japan.

I found this Video on Youtube and was very pleased as it is a Fairthorpe I owned and rebuilt in the mid 80`s, even winning a race with it at an 8 Clubs meeting at Silverstone. Obviously the original registration number has been removed as the car is in Japan, but if you compare the indicators on the bootlid and the position of the script badge.


Also on the bonnet which is from a later EM ( I moulded that in the garage at home) note the front indicators, not the usual round Fairthorpe type ones but rectangular with an angle at one end. Those are from an early Toyota Carina which I fitted as a change from the norm, I doubt you will ever see another Fairthorpe with those on! Also the turned aluminium dashboard I made and fitted is still on the car, you can see the swirls as the sunlight hits them.

I sold the car to a woman named Charlotte Thornton who later damaged the rear of the car after losing it in the wet on a roundabout, we moulded her a new tail section and a friend of hers fitted it. The car was then sold on to a chap named John Watson (not the F1 driver) who raced it in HSCC events and he sold it to a Historic racing car dealer who found a Japan. That was in the 90`s and that was the last I had heard of the car till yesterday. I am hoping to make contact with the owner as I have many rebuild and racing photos which I can send him copies of, so if you know the owner please make contact.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fairthorpe EM Mk5 restoration gathers pace.

I have recently heard  from Peter Jones, he purchased the Mk5 EM project that was advertised on this site some months back. He has sent me a number of pictures which show it is moving on rapidly, the chassis is repaired and painted and now sits on it`s wheels with the Triumph engine and overdrive gearbox fitted. Peter has made a few mods including a sturdy chassis hoop which goes across the car from the side rails and makes a strong support for the steering column as well as stiffening up the bulk head to stop the dreaded scuttle shake on rough roads.

 The pedal assembly on the Mk5 also hangs from the bulk head rather than pivoting on the floor like earlier EM`s and this area suffers from flexing also so Peter is using some Dural sheet to spread the stress more evenly. Work is now moving on to the bodyshell and the removal of the non standard rear lights, I have an old tail section here and the relevant parts have been cut off and sent to Peter to help with the restoration. Keep up the good work Peter and we look forward to seeing more pictures as the restoration progresses.

Kop Hillclimb - 789 ERO makes a run.

Bob Balding kindly sent this video of me taking the start at the 2014 Kop Hillclimb event (many thanks Bob). The hill is surprisingly steep at the top so next year I will have to go armed with a bit more power to make the run a bit more entertaining!
The picture of me sitting on the start line waiting for the flag to drop was taken by Richard Holden (Thanks Richard).

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fairthorpe Gathering 2014 RAF Wyton

This years Fairthorpe Gathering was held at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire on August 3rd and was preceded on the Saturday by the Pathfinder Stations Tour. Many thanks to Bob Balding for organising the Stations Tour, 5 Fairthorpes convoying through the Cambridgeshire countryside between the now disused ex RAF bases was great fun to take part in. During the run we got caught by a very heavy downpour, it was amusing watching the different ways we all took to try and keep ourselves and the car interiors dry!
 Sundays Gathering at the RAF Wyton Pathfinder Collection was by several accounts the best Gathering yet, with a very interesting talk and tour of the Museum followed by the usual mingle and chat amongst the assembled Fairthorpes. This year Ten cars attended, they belonged to in no particular order:- Brian Townsend, Barry Stock, Rob James, Steve Colling, Marcus Bradbury, Paul Wells, Brian Jackson, Bob Balding, Richard Holden and myself, honorary mention also to the very nice Marcos that also belonged to Paul Wells. There were also a number of other FSCC members present including our club President Barry Gibbs and one of our Patrons Noreen Cooper who is also a Patron of the Pathfinder Collection. The two trophies which are presented each year are the Frank Collins Memorial trophy for the best Fairthorpe as voted by those present and the John Green trophy for the furthest travelled Fairthorpe to the event. The latter trophy seems to be swapped each year between Richard Holden and Barry Stock and this year it was Barry`s turn having driven 246 miles from Ammanford, Wales to Wyton, Cambridgeshire, the trophy was presented by Noreen Cooper. The Best Fairthorpe award was very hotly contested with 8 votes for Richard Holden`s EM in third place and nine votes apiece for Steve Colling`s EM and my own 789, the trophy being presented by Audrey Collins.

An arm wrestle for the trophy was quickly waved off and a good handshake was taken instead!
I would especially like to thank my wife Sarah for organising cakes and drinks to keep everyone fed and watered and many thanks to all of you that attended, with over 40 people on the day you all helped to make it a very memorable event. For those of you wondering, yes I did make it home ok, Barry Stock kindly provided a bottle of RadWeld which plugged the pin hole in 789`s header tank (thanks Barry).
Many thanks to Lauren Colling, Brian Townsend and my wife Sarah for the pictures of the event shown here.