Thursday, 7 June 2018

Reconditioned gearbox for a 1960 Electron Minor.

                                                                        Box of cogs!

                                           1300 flywheel and New diaphragm clutch kit

                                1200 Herald flywheel and coil spring type clutch as removed

                                             Reconditioned gearbox back in the Fairthorpe

FSCC club member Ray Starkey has recently had the gearbox removed, reconditioned and replaced in his 1960 EM HSV 270. due to a severe back problem Ray got the whole job done by Mike Papworth. The car went in on a Tuesday morning and it was all done by 3.00 pm the following day, Mike had worked till 10.00 pm on Tuesday evening to get it done. 
The work done included supplying and fitting an Alloy bellhousing and fitting a later type 1300 Flywheel and diaphram type clutch as the car was fitted with a 1200 Herald gearbox on to it`s 1300cc engine and had the earlier flywheel and coil spring clutch type on it.. The new clutch assembly including thrust bearing and flywheel bush were completed by a new slave cylinder. Inside the gearbox a number of bearings and cogs were replaced as well as one of the shafts. The remote gear housing and rods were also replaced. 
Total cost = box £500 including surcharge for extra bits used, 
Removal + fitting £300, 
clutch kit and slave £105 
clutch arm with pin and bushes ,flywheel and crank bush £95
make that a round £1000  
Mike also replaced some bolts and nuts as not correct within this pricing even gear stick was worn out!
Ray is well chuffed with the result and now has a silky smooth gearbox to enjoy on his trips out in the Fairthorpe.

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