Sunday, 14 January 2018

Electron Minor rebuilt engine, the running in continues.

Went out today in my Fairthorpe Electron Minor 789 ERO for the first time in 2018, the roads were finally dry so less road salt being thrown around under the car. I wore one of my Christmas presents, a nice warm beanie hat with the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club logo on it but i left my finger less gloves in the workshop, my fingers had nearly dropped off after the 40 mile run!
 We have finally bitten the bullet after many years of excuses not to get one and bought a Sat Nav, i am taking the Fairthorpe down to Le Mans again this year and trying to find your way round France in the dark whilst reading a map and driving is no longer part of the `adventure`!
So i drilled a hole inside the glovebox and mounted the cigarette lighter, just got to wire it in now.
For anyone interested in the Beanie hats they are available through the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club

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