Saturday, 30 December 2017

Major work over the Christmas break............

Two weeks annual leave over the festive period has seen a start made on my Atom Major, the rear brakes have come off and the drums cleaned up with some wet and dry. They appear quite good with no scoring and have come up nicely, luckily Santa had put a new set of rear brake shoes and a master cylinder under the Christmas tree! I have now ordered a pair of new rear wheel cylinders and flexi pipes and will be replacing all the old steel brake pipes with copper kunifer tubing over the next few days. Up at the front end i have taken the twin SU carbs off ............ fun and games with a 7/16 spanner working blind in a tight space to remove the bottom nuts! The gearbox tunnel cover will be coming off tomorrow so i can get to the rear exhaust manifold nut, once that is off i can put a load of WD40 and oil into the cylinders to help free the engine which is currently seized. The engine is a 948cc Standard 10 unit and scrapping the grime off the engine number revealed that it is the original motor that came with the kit so i will be doing what is necessary to re use it. Hopefully before i go back to work i can get the engine and gearbox out and will be fairly close to having the brake system working. This will be an `oily rag restoration` the mechanics will all be replaced where necessary to make the car safe and usable, but the exterior will be washed but left as found at the moment.

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