Saturday, 1 October 2016

Barn find Fairthorpe Electron Minor surfaces at the Fairthorpe Gathering.

John Worthings barn find Electron Minor UNT 760 has created a lot of interest since he brought it along to this years Fairthorpe Gathering at RAF Twinwood Farm in early August. John heard about the car two years ago when talking to his cousins husband Rob, the car was Rob`s uncles and was left behind when he went to the USA , he simply left it in the barn. Rob and his brother played on the car when they were kids and he's owned up to being the ones who broke off the doors and pulled the bits off the engine, that possibly explains why he is now an engineer on hitech tractors.

After Rob`s mum died they had to sell the property so the Fairthorpe had to be found a new home and John managed to buy the car after a price was agreed with Rob`s brother who lives in Switzerland. Handily the car was only 15 miles away from John`s home in south Shropshire. He has been a very busy guy since the Fairthorpe Gathering and has stripped the car, rebuilt the chassis and it is currently at the shot blasters getting cleaned up before work starts again!  I am sure there will be plenty of updates in the future from John so I will keep you updated.

An interesting find on the car was a dusty pair of women's tights which were holding one of the Wind tone horns in place, i`m sure that was an interesting trip when the need for their new use was required!


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