Sunday, 11 September 2011

Atomota survivor

I recently met with Brian Waters the owner of one of only two known complete Fairthorpe Atomotas, Brian has owned the car since the mid 80`s when he bought it from Fairthorpe. AVM Don Bennett had the car as a restoration project but realising he would not get round to the rebuild agreed to sell it to Brian, a princely sum of £100 was agreed and Brian still has the receipt. The Atomota came with it`s original log book which shows the original colour to be blue but this was later changed to Rolls Royce Sand, the colour it is in now.

The car needs a full restoration but is mostly complete and is fitted with a 948cc Standard 10 engine with twin Su carburetters, he also purchased a complete BSA engine as fitted to some Atomota`s from Fairthorpe at the same time. Brian intends to restore the car in due course, i`m sure many of you like me look forward to seeing the car on the road again. The other known complete car is in America but it has been fitted with a Subaru engine, i hope to post some information on that car at some point in the future. The remains of a third car are known but the bodyshell was sadly scrapped some years back and whilst the FSCC holds the molds to many of the Fairthorpe models the ones for the Atomota are sadly missing presumed disposed of in one of Fairthorpes factory moves.

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